A Martian's guide to networking.

28 Dec 2017

"While writing the previous post on how to set up a web server on a Raspberry Pi, I realised that there were still quite a lot of things in the setup process that I didn't understand well. It did allow the setup to work, but I hardly had any idea what was going on behind the scenes. Having no academic background in Networking, I just trusted Google and Stackoverflow on guiding me correctly. Turns out, that this isn't a good strategy when you want to explain the same stuff to someone else. You surely won't go about teaching someone how to prepare fried chicken just beacuse you have tasted it (FYI, I can prepare fried chicken and I'm a vegetarian, so havent tasted it).

So, I rummaged through different resources in the past few days to be debriefed on how the current networking situation came to be. This post tries to sum up some of the things I learned. I might have got some of the dates wrong, or contorted some facts while trying to connect various sources from the internet, but I assure the general flow of events are pretty much the same. There will be lot of terms that you might not know (or probably know a lot about) but they eventually reveal themselves through to the end. And obvioulsy, there's always a lot to more to learn everyday.

As for the title of this post, eh, couldn't think of anything catchy and the "Brief History of the Internet" was already taken by the internet's founding fathers. Just assume that the Martians would be advanced enough to access the internet, comprehend english with technical jargon but stupid enough like me to not how how the internet works...yet.."

TCP/IP: The language of the Packets

more to come...